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warior with in

once upon a time there was an old sensei he was on his way to the grocery store when he saw two homless babys there was no one around but a dead mom and dad the sensei named one david and one brandon he raised them as ninjas the middle of one of there lessons senseis head started bleeding he instantly died leaving the brothers alone they had to find out how his head started bleeding they went to the park to talk about it when a truck got robbed the ninjas were about to attack but befor they were a threat the truck came torward them they got out of the way david on one side brandon on the other when david went to see his brother brandons shoulder was gushing blood he died the guy was no longer in the truck he went down to the alley when he realized that they have ben shot he saw a stray dog walked by the ninja said "puppy come come puppy" the dog came to him sniffed his jacket and ran away the ninja followed him to a gun shop he david went in there was guy holding a gun and a button "freeze ninja" "who are you" david asked "im mj i killed your parents your sensei and your brother " said mj "what for" asked david " because your parents stole all my money so i swore to kill them and there family" mj grabed david and pressed the button he opend a portal and they are valcano now mj was going to throw david in the lava but mj was floating in the air all of the sudden it was the ghost of sensei and brandon they threw him to the edge of the valcano and the dog pushed mj in the lava david and the dog left bought a house and sensei ghost brandons ghost david and the dog lived happily ever after

the end

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