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chapter 2:a new dawn of fire

Posted about over 5 years by jrod326_2392527


a man aproched julious as he stagered onto his feet in light ragged leather armor"you have awakend good"said the man"i see that your almost back to full strength"."where am i?"asked julious."you are in a place called salt marsh at the moment things are a right now"."what do you mean by hot"."i mean hot the city is exiranceining some fires at the moment nothing to big"said the man looking out the his sight regened he saw a hulking man in a suit of armor next to a giant bird"who are you"he asked."i am sir darious decker 6 year champian of the jousting tournament at the festable along with my stupid friend william and my mother"he sighed"isabela de'witch and her wyveren" SIR"another man cried "we are almost at talon tower castle sir"."great we will get you better equiped there".julious stood there silent stareing at the bird and giant lizard with wings.all the suden a massive ball of flame swooped down almost hiting the caravan."MARDUS NOW!!!"almost instantly a figure apeared from the darkness and shot a bolt of lightning right at the next fire ball"YOU"said the stranged man who apeared to be mardus."take this"as mardus handed julious a peice of paper with word not of his laguage"use it on the dragon"julious froze then said"why not send our lizard agenst that lizard"."blue talon is hurt badly and canot fight the same is with white talon"as she pointed at the wyveren and bird."ok how do i use this"he said as he opened the scroll"uhg useless"mardus grabed the scroll and mutered "in vas deos herno"as a ray shot out of the scroll and at the dragon as the dragon stood still"we are safe for now"

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