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The Chosen Ones (Chapter 4)

Posted about about 5 years by EpicFace122

Chapter 4
Mysterious figures in the dark

Me and Cristian sat at the round table, pondering on what to do and what the riddle meant. Suddenly I saw a dark shadow of a cat run across the room, “Did you see that?” I asked Cristian. Cristian shook his head and said, “No, what was it?” I got up and walked over to where the cat just was and threw my arms pointing at the spot. Then said, “I just saw a shadow of a cat run across the room!” Cristian looked puzzled and said, “Did you see where it went?” I nodded my head, “Yes, do you think I should follow it?” Cristian put his hand on his head and thought. Then he sighed and said, “I guess so, but make sure you come back. I lost number 29, But I don’t want to lose you.” “OK.” I said. I walked into the other room where the cat ran into. When I was in the room, I was in a long hallway. I couldn’t see the end of the
hallway because it was to dark. Just then I saw the same shadow of a cat sprint across the hallway and into the darkness. I took a deep breath and continued into the hallway. Soon I was in the darkness. I continued walking in it. I couldn’t see a thing. Suddenly everything turned white and then the next thing I knew I was in a forest with a round lake. I just stood there paralyzed in shock. I heard a deep and brave voice behind me, “Welcome, Chosen One.” I turned around and there sat a dark brown cat with a black stripe down it’s back. My eyes bulged out in shock, “Y-You look j-j-just like Blackthunder!!” He licked his paws and said, “That’s because I am him, I’ll explain everything at the clan. Come.” He sat up on all four paws and walked into a bush. I followed him. On the other side of the bush I was surrounded by cats. Blackthunder walked up to a rock and sat on it. He said, “We have a guest here today, and I expect you to be nice to her.” He said, “I present to you...” He paused and looked at me and turned back to his clan and said, “One of the Chosen Ones.” All the cats cheered and were ecstatic about their new guest. Blackthunder turned to me and said, “If you don’t understand anything about what’s going on, meet me at the lake. I will explain everything there.” I left and made a bee-line to the lake. When I got there Blackthunder was already waiting for me. I walked up to him, and sat next him. I thought for a moment and asked, “What do you mean by “Chosen One” ?” He sighed and then said, “Usually there is only one Chosen One picked every year, but this year there are three.” Then I said, “And?” Then he said, “you’re power is to have me as a spirit and you can shape shift into anything.” My eyes lit up, “what about Cristian and Anthony?” He said, “Cristian’s power is to be the smartest being on the planet, and Anthony’s power is to travel back in time.” I was surprised,
“Did you see what happened about Bloody Mary?” he nodded, “yes, I saw everything” I looked down at my watch, “I have to go, we’re running out of time, bye.” I started to get up, but Blackthunder said, “Wait!” I stopped. He said, “That watch is the watch of the shapeshifter, it helps control the power. If you take it off, you will turn into the complete opposite of what you want to turn into.” I looked down at it, “cool.” He said, “Now remember this, there is a Warrior cat inside us all, even if you’re human. You just need to learn to embrace that Warrior inside, because nothing is stopping you from what you need to do.” I left and waved to him, “Bye.” he said, “Bye.” and I left.

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