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MB Luv Story Starring U Chp.1

Posted about about 5 years by Ms.natori

So hello ur character will be u which is YN and ur friends name will be jessica Abby britney and MB as their self enjoy! P.S ur 16 and YN means your name

YN: hey u guys want to go to da mall

Jessica,Abby,and Britney:sure we need some new cloths any way!

YN:ok get dressed and let's go(all go get dressed)

(At the mall) YN:hey guys don't those guys over der look familiar.


YN: (thinking who they are just finding out) girls no way it's Mindless Behavior

All of us: (screaming to the top of ur lungs)

BoyBig Grinanggggggggg!

Princeton:they are fine as heck

Ray Ray: true dat

YN and the girlsFrownrunning toward the boys)

YN: OMG! Princeton can I get ur autograph

Princeton:Forget dat here's ma number (taking ur phone putting his number inside)

Other girlsFrownTalking to the rest of da guy getin there number) after u guys leave u guys start talking to ur friends

GirlsEmbarrassedMG! I can't believe we just got mindless behaviors phone number

YNEmbarrassedMG! Girls did u notice how fine Princeton waz lookin

Jessica: I think u meant prod

Abby: No she waz talkin about ray

Britney: We all no dat she meant roc

Abby: True dat

BritneyFrowngets a frown) u better take that back Abby u know I don't play about roc

YN: Shut I waz to none of the above except for Princeton

Girls: wateva

All of u: YN pov:
Back at the house that whole time I waz thinking about Princeton then remembering he gave me his number.

(U and Princeton on the phone u are Y Princeton is P ok)

YFrowncalling him) he answer on second ring!

P: hello and who is this

Y:um YN the girl u met at the mall

P: oh yea I remember

Y:so watcha doin (Candace voice)

P:um nutin why

Y:well I waz wondering if u guys wanted to come over my house my moms on vacation for two years its only been 4 months

P:sure let me tell the boys and well be there in ten by the way where's ur house

Y:** **** **********

P:alright bye ( hangs up)

Back to story:

YN: guys come in here

Girls: (comin up stairs) yea

YN: guess who's coming over

Britney: chris brown

YN: no Mindless Behavior

Britney: awe but yah!

Girls: (hears a knock on da door)

YN: goes and open da door

Princeton:hey mami

YN: hey papi!! Haha tau locos

Princeton: u speak Spanish

YN: yea ma dad is Hispanic blackshican

Princeton:so I see u got joke

YN:yea I got a lot

Ray: hey Abby

Abby: hey Ray ray ( blushing!)

Roc:hey Britney !

Britney:hey rock ( with a big smile on her face.)

Prod: hey Jessica


YN: hey u guys wanna watch a movie movie

Everyone except u: yep

YN:alright (every sittin on da couch) ray~abby roc~britney prod~jessica princeton~yn

Later come back for more! Thank for reading

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