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Sisters before Misters or bros before gurls.

Have you ever lost your best friend? Well I have. Never choose a guy or girl you like over your best friend. That's just my advice. If you lose your best friend it feels like your life is over.
Okay so this is my story.
So this guy Micah moved to my church in June and me and my best friend Taylor liked him. I am not going to lie but I still like him. Anyway me and Taylor have probably been besties for 10 years now. And then suddenly she hates me for liking Micah. So then I stop talking to her for like 7 months and she never talked to me. And then it seemed like she was trying to make me more jealous by flirting with Micah. And then it seemed like all my friends were going against me. I felt lonely and I had low self esteem about my self. I wanted to run away but I couldn't. Then in February this girl had a party so I went. Taylor and her clique was there so I talked to them. I think the whole thing was a big understanding. But now I have trouble trusting people. I am trying to be her friend and earn her trust back. I don't know if she is trying. But all along I have missed her. And I feel horrible for losing my best friend.

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