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Part 3 Wolfy and Tigger

Posted over 3 years by yaverleaf11

They were walking when Wolfy saw leaves blowing around. Another storm is coming. "It's getting windy, we need to find shelter." Tigger looked at Wolfy. "Windy? I live for danger! Your a tiger you need to learn to be brave." Wolfy stopped. "BRAVE?! You want me to be brave? I'm trying to protect you, and you want me to face the storm?!" Tigger nodded with a grin. "That's what tigers are made for. Facing EVERYTHING!! Wait, your one of those nice freaks, aren't you? Ugh, and I thought this walk was gonna be fun." Wolfy growled. "Fine, we'll fight to prove my courage." Tigger agreed. They fought and fought. Suddenly a cold wind bit at the two's noses. They looked too their right. The storm was rising. "RUUUUNNN!!!" Wolfy howled. They ran into a cave and used rocks to protect themselves. They watched the storm in horror. "We're never gonna find our moms." Tigger said hopelessly.

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