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The Abused Child Part 1

Posted about about 5 years by CoOkIeS + iCeCrEaM

Once there was a girl named Kristy. She was nice, and oh very VERY sweet. She liked to play, run, talk, and just chill with her friends. Kristy was known as a nerd. She didn't care for the cool stuff or the looks. She was a well-behaved child who understood things perfectly. She had many friends. She made them from her kindness. Kristy's entire family was nice. They were practically the same. They cared about one another. They barely made mistakes. But one day, something happened.
Kristy's mom was just driving Kristy home from school when her dad called. Kristy's mom knew she couldn't drive and talk. It wasn't safe. But she knew whenever her husband called it was important. So she answered the phone. Kristy's mom had to halt to a stop when she came across a red light. That gave her time to talk. What she didn't notice was, her tire was slightly turned. Able to flop the car upside down if another car hit it. The light turned green. Every car started moving except Kristy's. Her mom was putting down the phone. A very old lady driving a navy blue truck just happened to be in the next lane and had her eyes on the road not expecting any accidents to occur on her way to the hospital. She was almost blind. She knew she had to contact her helper to drive her places and do things for her. But today she needed to go see a doctor and she didn't feel like calling anybody. So she drove herself. As a halfway-blind old lady, of course she didn't notice that if she didn't switch lanes she would be in a not-noticed car accident! BAM! There it was. The old lady's navy blue van upside down on the road. She had health problems, so of course she was dead instantly. For Kristy and her mom, they were suffering from extreme pain. Kristy was barely in any pain. Just a few cuts and scars here and there. But boy, she felt like garbage. Luckily, a very happy family was strolling by and happened to notice the vans in the middle of the road and called the police down to Main Street to save 'em. The police showed up with more than one ambulance in a split second. Sadly, the old lady was dead. Little Kristy hurt, and her mom..not so good.
-This has been Part 1-

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