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fashion tips!!!! ( just for girls)

Posted over 3 years by 1Dfan5

if you want to impress a boy or you are just tierd of wearing the same clothes over and over again well you came to the right place here are 5 tips of having your own style!!

1. take a look in your closet
you dont have to go shopping all the time to look fashionable there is a change that there is a super cute shirt in your closet you for got about so on your own time when you have nothing else to do just look ing your closet!!

2. mix and match
if you find a really hot shirt but you also find a really cute belt and you dont know wich one to wear just mix and match (wear both)

3. shop!
go shoppimg with your friends go explore new stores with cute clothes that are super cheap

4. barrow clothes from friends
if you have a friend who was a super cute top and you would like to wear ask her it doesnt hurt to ask! and make sure you ask dont ever take it without stealing and if she says no ask her alittle later!

5. be yourself
you dont have to buy tons of clothes to make people happy just be yourself its your style enjoy it!!

hope this helps kisses

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