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mc hi tops

Posted about about 5 years by streetdancerzXD

Rapping is a thing do tipping off the cliff I do my own style flipping into freestyle swat I got it covered on the double spouting every l verse. Im a gangster 2. Syllables I can say I can do my own thing I do it good im quite dangerous dont get in my way Im so fly that the neighborhood. Will be cheering and inspiration making me me encouraged but the courage is. Enough energy to pop in my Lamborghini or buggatti people like it but I do better I that Vernon mateys. I can do it all. I like playing games like assassins creed it adventurous. Family it amazing I play my games and play it til dawn til the light switches of which never leeks at my door I listen to music I got that strong golden taste. No one has a taste in music than me I absorb the elements and get the power and elegance. And I got the streetdance moves then u start to get nebulous peeps will do my choreography. People think they monsters and get nebulous im a g nothing else to bein a VIP so get ready to face to face with me

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