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Lost In A Fairytale... (chapter 1)

Posted about about 5 years by MewSilver


I bang my hand on the dashboard repeatedly. “C'mon!” I mutter under my breath, “Start!” To my dismay, the engine remains silent. I glance over my shoulder and back toward the house, checking that my parent's bedroom light is still off. Once I see that their window is dark, I turn around and continue trying to start the car. It's 11:00 at night, and I don't want to make too much noise, but I'm on the verge of screaming. Why won't the frakkin car start?! Finally, after several more turns of the key, the engine sputters to life noisily. I wince and check again to make sure my parent's light is off. All clear! I know I should be grateful that my parents got me my own car, but did it have to be so.... old? I sigh and back out of the driveway, nervous and excited.

Megan knows I am sneaking out, but she isn't as nervous as I am about it. She's the type of daredevil girl who throws parties when her parents go to Malibu for a week. Like tonight. Me and Megan have been BFF since the second grade, but sometimes I wish she wouldn't pull me into all her daring schemes. A couple minutes later I pull into her driveway, and she rushes out to greet me. Megan's straight blonde hair is pulled up into an elegant twisty braid, and she's wearing a short scarlett party dress. She surveys my jeans, hoodie, and lack of makeup disapprovingly. “What?” I ask, crossing my fingers in hopes that she won't force me into one of her ridiculous makeovers. However, my fingers do me no good. “C'mon!” she says, grabbing my hand and giving me barely enough time to shut off the car and grab my keys before yanking me into the crowded house and upstairs to her room, “I'm giving you a makeover!” I groan, but follow.

I look in the mirror and sigh as Megan says in a singsong voice, “Am I amazing or what?” “You're amazing.” I mutter as I look at my prettily curled hair, heavily outlined eyes, and silky blue dress. She spins me around to face her. “Oh, Katie, you look so beautiful!” I sigh and roll my eyes; people are always telling me how pretty I am, but I don't think I'm anything special. I allow Megan to enthusiastically lead me downstairs, groaning internally and wondering if it was worth it to even come to the party. When I see Megan's smile, though, my doubts are slightly alleviated.
I've been dancing self-consciously with Megan for the past half hour, and when I glance at the clock on the wall and see that it's almost midnight I decide to take a break. I go over to the table laid out with snacks and get myself some mini cupcakes. As I munch on my snack with Megan, a few boys walk over. The one in the center, obviously the leader, has reddish-brown hair and perfect features. He's handsome, and he knows it. His two friends are also pretty good-looking, one with dark hair and features and one with a lighter look, but they aren't as cute as the first.

“Hi Jason!” Megan squeals enthusiastically, and I try to refrain from rolling my eyes. Jason is one of the most popular kids at your school, and Megan's had a crush on him for 6 years, since she turned twelve. I don't really get why she likes him so much. From what I can tell, he isn't a particularly nice person. In fact, I find him extremely conceited and try to avoid him for the most part. But tonight it looks like I won't be able to. “Hi Megan, Katie.” Jason says, nodding at me. I can feel his eyes raking over each of you, and I long for your hoodie back. Megan has an adoring grin plastered on her face, and I let my lips raise in an icy smile for two seconds before sinking into a neutral expression.

Megan chatters with Jason and his friends, Peter and Jake, for the next hour. I join in the conversation sometimes, but mostly it's just Megan flirting with Jason. He seems distracted and uninterested though, and keeps glancing at me. I feel a little sorry for my friend, but it's drowned out after an hour of boredom, when I finally say, "Hey, Meg,I gotta run. It's getting late and I don't want my parents to figure out i'm gone." Jason looks like he's about to ask if I snuck out when Megan says, “But it's only 1! Can't you at least stay another hour?” I shake my head and say, “Sorry, but I'm really tired. I think I should go.” Megan sighs and nods. “Okay,” she says, “You can use my room to change.” I smile apologetically and head upstairs, leaving her to chat with Jason some more. It feels so good to get out of the stupid dress and wash off the makeup that for a little while I just sit in bliss on the edge of Megan's bathtub with a wet washcloth in my hand. After a minute or two, though, I yank on my jeans, pull my hair back, and slip downstairs. I wave to Megan on my way out, but she's too busy dancing with Jason to notice. I'm glad that she'll be pretty well off without me for the rest of the night, and I turn on my car and back out of her driveway, grateful to be going home.

As I drive, I keep thinking that I see weird people standing on the side of the road. They're wearing strange sort of robe things, and they all have funny-looking hats....or are those crowns? I shake myself, thinking that I need to get some sleep. As I turn the corner, though, my headlights illuminate one of the funny looking men standing right in front of my car! I slam on the breaks, involuntarily squeezing my eyes shut. When I feel my car jerk forward to a stop, I open my eyes. To my surprise, there's no one in front of me. I hop out of the car, thinking that maybe I knocked the guy over, but there's no one there. It's just me alone on the dark street. I shiver, thinking that now it's REALLY time for me to go to bed, when you notice there IS something in front of my car. It's not a man though, it's an old book. I pick it up, intrigued. I've always enjoyed reading, and I'm surprised to see the old leather volume dosen't have a title. I flip it open to the front cover, hoping to see the title there, but it's still missing. I decide I'll examine it more closely tomorrow and throw it on the seat next to me. Muttering a silent prayer of thanks that my house is still dark, I park my car in the garage and tiptoe up to the back door. I rummage with my keys until I find the right one, then unlock the door and let myself in. I'm so relieved to be back at my house, comfortable in my bed, that I don't notice the face peering through my window as I fall asleep.

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