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A Very Usain Chistmas

Posted about about 5 years by AwsomeBookWorm

It was the 26 November when a man stood staring at a poster in the market. This man was Usain Bolt.

And the poster was an advisement for a 5 kilometres race. It was to be held on Christmas eve at 7'o' clock at Hawking Park. That left him 5 weeks to train. He signed up, imaganing himself winning, holding a polished silver trophy, medel round his neck…

At Oakfield park,he soon started training. He did his warm up for five minuets which was jogging on the spot raced along the field,sweating until an hour went by.

There was now 4 weeks to go and it was starting to blizzard. . Its impossible to run in snow, and it was ankle-deep.
But its not as though you can say to the weather, hello, please can you be sunny on the day of my race? It does't work like that. You just have hope to be lucky…

As the day of the race grew closer and closer the snow was getting to be a bigger problam than ever. Time seemend to be going too fast, a week flashed by in a second. There was only 3 weeks left. 3 weeks.

He started to notice the other athletes more and more. There was Hans Andrews, Hannah Smith and Lee Adams, just a few of the many athlets hoping to win. Privately, Usain thought that, of all the athletes, he was probably the one who wanted to win the most.
There was now 2 weeks left. Just 2 weeks.

Usain felt prepared. His heart filled with exitement at the thought of running on the running track and he felt no nerves come over him, not ever.

The snow was deepening and was now very thick and knee deep. Whenever Usain looked out his window he saw children outside building snowmen and having snow fights as they shrieked with laghter..

His tracksut was haning in his wardrobe, he had brand new Nike trainers still in there shoebox, his training had increased to an hour twice a day and the race was now in one week. Usain could not think of any ways he could be more prepared.

5 days later….

It was the day of the race. Usain ran, blood pumping through his vein ,sweating, his head spinning. Almost there… keep going …. keep running… come on… He had crossed the finishing line. He had finished the race.

He breathed out in the cold air, feeling dizzy with exhaustion. He had come second with Hans
Andrews in first place. Not bad.

But then came the twist of fate. A man informend Usain of something that gave Usain a ripple of shock.

You see, Hans Andrews was a CHEAT. He had used drugs. Usain was the rightfull winner. He had won.

A shock of joy seememd to blow over Usain at that moment and he took that time to to have a small private smile and utter 6 words.

”Not bad, not bad at all”

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