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Star Trek: A New Story (Chapter 2)

Posted about almost 5 years by kaker4321

Star Studded And Out Chapter 2:

When I awoke, I was lying on a cold table. I sat up and to my surprise; Data was asleep at my feet. I didn’t want to awaken him so I didn’t move. I looked around, wondering what a sight this would be if my friends, if I had them, could see this. Then it hit me; I put my camera in my back-pack that morning.

I looked over and there it was, beside the bed. I reached for it but noticed something strange. My arm was gold, but so pale. There was a metal tray on a table right next to the bed. I grabbed it quickly forgetting about Data and kicking him. I looked and I was different.

Before I could scream Data put his hand over my mouth. He explained to me that when I and he touched that somehow I turned into an android, or what he was. I was in shock.

“You need to fix this, Data. I want a real pulse, instead of a circulatory system that regulates micro-hydrologic power. Plus, if I stay like this I don’t even need to go to school. My name will be Google from now on if I stay like this.”

“I’ll try. Just sit back and relax, Amelia.” When Data said that I felt just angrier. What person on Earth or another world can just sit and do nothing for long periods of time?

“How long is it going to take to get me turned back to a human?” I asked with my knees scrunched up to my body.

“Possible weeks, six or seven months, a year.” Data said like it was easy. “Easier said than done, Data.” I replied with a mean stare. “I promise I will turn you ba…. Hmmm.” Data said suspiciously. At the time he was going to finish his promise, a little blue-green light, not even the size of a pea, blinked and beeped.

“What does that mean?” I asked. “Umm…It seems like there is power within you.” Data said looking all confused. “Like hydrologic power? If it’s that tell me what I don’t know.” I asked, now my face looking all confused with a dash of sarcasm. “No, a diff...” Before Data could finish his sentence, Captain Picard walks in.

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