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Zombie love

Posted about almost 5 years by rainemembraine_2247861

I was running so fast. The only noises I heard where the horrid Moans of those disgusting creatures, and my heartbeat, but my breath had taken over the sound of my heart, beating louder than anything in the world. I thought that this day was going to be perfect, I thought that I ... no…we could Make it though this acropolis, but now he was turning. I couldn’t carry him Anymore, I looked around for a place to hide him, and stay away from him. After looking around for several seconds I noticed a bent-up, wrecked, Garage that was the size of MT. Rush more. Very slowly I opened up the door And tried not to wake him, but it was no use, he had waken up from his last, and Only nap he would take, well at least when he was alive. Why didn’t leave me there to die? He said very weakly. I couldn’t leave without you , I need you, I.... I love you. He sat there, just staring at me in amazement, as if he never knew that I had loved him all this time. The silence had been broken with a whimper of pain and moan coming out of his bleeding lips. I took a seat on the blood and dirt covered floor, I tried to gather up my thoughts but couldn’t think over the sound of those filthy son’s of guns. Can....can you come over here? He asked quietly. Ok? I slowly came over there, but not to close, he was still contagious. Yes. I love you he whispered. I love you too I grabbed his hand, He stood up, will you dance with me?
Ok. We both started to move, then I remembered it was only a matter of time before he turned into one of them. He let me go then went to the covered I didn’t know what he was doing. Here.. he handed me a gun loaded with two bullets, shoot me ...
Before I turn into them. I can’t, I started to tear up in my eyes, I ... He put his finger on my chapped lips. No, you’ll be doing us a favor, I love you but ... just please for your sake—mine too. Do it; because when I turn, it won’t be me anymore. No please I won’t... what if I miss? You won’t I know, you were the greatest range shooter I know no please do it... I’m in love with you though I didn’t want this either but you wouldn’t let my body stay here with me chasing after wanting to eat you? Promise you’ll wait for me ..... in heaven? Yes, I cross my heart. I aimed my gun toward his head, I stared in to his beautiful brown black eyes. One thing before you do it...
What? quickly I grabbed the gun could start to cry. I love you...*boom * I shot him, my one and only love. I couldn’t do it, if I can’t make it 3 seconds without him, then I can’t spend the rest of my life knowing I shot him... ill see you soon my love..
.:The End:.

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