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Posted about almost 5 years by Marshmilla101

U think this is going to work...all the pain and suffering will jus vanish...but it won't. U fold up ur last words and put on ur night the blade crosser u wrist for the first and last time u forget everything and it's all u...soon ur gone the blade falls on the carpe bloody as eve ur cut is deep...deeper then any cut u ever did to urself...wen ur mom comes to wake u up for school ur dead of course it's too late she calls the ambulance...ur sister goes to school with no one to walk to the bus with and no one to tell her the which shoes go on which feet ur older brother IS almost sick to even walk past ur door at school they make an anncoument and all the kids in ur class know who u are for the first time the shy kid in the baq...they all remeber the hurt some of thm caused and the hurt the caused by not helping you..the girl who tripped u in the hallway or the boy who beat u up again..they all are srry they all regret it....u funeral is done everyone shows up.,ur best friend up ant even smile or even look up without twenty tears rolling down her eyes...everyone who hates u knows or didn't know u shows up. After a couple of months ur mom is in there still trying to clean up again before crying over u and retreading the letter..see what one blade of pain can cause u a moment of pain while it caused others years of it...u were room is barely clean..ur shoes are still piled by the door and the only thing fixed is your bed and the blinds are shut..ur pictures and artwork and ur A+ essay are hanged on ur wall lll ump crooked and ur clothes all folded away in ur draws and then ur mom finds a box in ur night stand it is a blue box with stars and hearts on it she opens it to find many bloody blades and mean notes with ur name written over it she closes the box and sheds many tears.,,ur parents fight over whose fault it was and divorce ur older brother still worrys about u and while driving home from work got in a major car accident killed from impact..and ur sister lives with others cuz ur mom is so sick form all the tears and stuff abt u...this wasnt anyone's fault....but jus remeber I love u and never hate see so does everyone else..don't kill urself ur beautiful

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