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The Green eyed chap!

Posted about almost 5 years by RiaGrace12

I was on the beach with my 4 bestest friends; Louisa, Kassy, Freya and Mollie. We've been out for at least 4 hours now, it's a heatwave so it's a good chance to get out
and get a great tan!

We were all in our bikini's and lying down in a row, then Mollie and Freya get up to go and get an ice-cream and I and Kassy are on our own. A lush breeze blows past,

"That was so refreshing...pla..."
Some sand just went into my mouth and I see Kassy dusting some off her legs;

"I'm going to pop to that shop over there, it has the new 'JH' mag!" I nod to her and she walks off.

"We got you and Kassy and 99 ice-cream," Mollie announced, I look up to the already dripping delicate ice-cream. I see Kassy jogging towards us with a expression that makes me laugh.

"Hey guys, look, you see this boy, doesn't he look familiar? Like the one Freya used to like way back?!" Freya grabs it and Mollie hands I and Kassy's ice-cream. We lick.

"Yeah....umm....Dan....Daniel! That's his name Daniel McDonallie. God he had the most lushes green eyes that chap did! It says he's been missing since Wednesday because his mum got mad with him over an argument.....over a girlfriend!!"
We all look at her.
"Not that I care or anything,"
We giggle.

Then the ground shakes, and the waves by the sea it moving in closer.

"Must be the tide having a funny 5, I checked that the tide would come in at 6:30 tonight, not now. It's only 3:15,"

By then people start running back to the dry sand, and others are rushing to pick up their stuff and leg it. Were more closest to the wall than the sea,

"Maybe we should go to town, everyone else is going..." I suggest but the girls eyes are fixed on the sea.

I grab my bag and put the magazine inside followed by the sun-cream, my towel, sun-glasses and hat. I put in the girls sun-cream, glasses and towel inside their bags too and hand them to each.

We stand to leave and we fall flat dropping our ice-cream to the sand, a wave is getting 10 mountains high and in comes hitting the ground as hard as hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"RUN GIRLS! GO!" I scream but they don't move, Freya points.

"That boy, looks like Daniel," She whispers,
"Like the one in the mag" Explains Mollie,
"We got to get him,"

The wood plank sea defences get crashed down,

"WE CAN'T, JUST MOVE!" And we finally get somewhere, another wave comes and we get caught in it, I grab Mollie and Kassy's hand and tell Freya to hold my back, but then....SMACK,

My back hits a wall, and I feel my blood, the water is over my face and it's hard to hold my breath as I didn't prepare, no-one is holding me anymore. NO...

I feel a hand grab mine and lift me up,
"Kassy? Mollie? Freya?"
I rub my eyes to get rid of the blur,


It's the green eyes chap!

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