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Romeo And Juliet In 2013 Part 2

Posted about over 4 years by SpaceKitty14

______________(2 days later, in the woods)----------
"Are you sure we should go get secretly married?" Romeo asked Juliet as they approached the church.
"Yeah, I-"
The police officer glared at her.
"You're going to jail."
-------------------------------(The next day, in jail)------------
Cla-ching! The 88th pebble rang against the jail window. Juliet got up and looked down. There stood Romeo, in the same clothes he had been wearing on the night in the gardens. Juliet picked up an expo-marker and wrote "Bigger pebble" in mirror image. She waited until he had read it, then erased it.
Romeo mouthed, "STAND BACK!"
Juliet Ran to the corner and the 89th pebble...
MISSED! Romeo slapped his forehead and muttered something that looked like, "#%@$ it! Only one left!"
Romeo picked up the last stone and heaved it at her second story window. CLATTTER!! The window broke. Juliet cheered silently. Romeo propped his ladder up and she scurried down. From there, they ran.
---------(4 days later, near Juliet's house)-------------
"Calm down, Juliet. I will give you a fake poison. You will look like you're dead. You will feel dead."
--------------(After the "poison", 2 days later)---------
Juliet sat up and instantly wished she hadn't. Romeo lay next to her, dead. She picked up her knife, but then,
"Don't, Juliet. I'm not dead."
Juliet jumped.
"That's me."

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