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poem abou' the beauty of nature

Posted about 10 months by binkiedijalovi23


The beauty of nature,
What an exciting adventure,
so adventurously new,
so much to see than the sky that is blue

The beauty of nature,
How wonderful is the sun ,
To just have fun,
The sun it is yellow,
Which struck like an arrow.

The beauty of nature,
You are mine,
I wish we culd dine.

The beauty of nature,
You are like a jigsaw puzzle to me,
In the moon day i see.

The beauty of nature,
Where the lion resides,
And have great dines,
Is the King of all animals.

The beauty of nature,
where all animals resides ,
Of different sizes,
While some fall ,
When they are small.

How wonderful is our Creator,
To make such creatures,
Believe in HIM,

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