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One of my book ideas.

3 friends were going camping on an island but they figu

the sorta smart kid

There was once a smart dude or whatever

Addicted Love

Once upon a time there was a girl name Sarah

liveing dead

hi my name is Taylor an this is the living dead

my love

i just want say i love my boyfriend he is on

The Girl in the Green Hood

Walking down the hot, sticky, mossy path to her father's house,

Worst Day In Many Ways

I always have bad days

Me nd You

It was only 10:35 at night on a Saturday in October

How my dog is clever

One day my mom made some pie and she

The Worst Day Ever

It was HORRIBLE at first I was super happy cauze I

War Brothers by Ghostlyhollow

i hear shots ring out and screams of my platoon and


My story about the girl who discovered love and friendship

Annie Armadillos missing sister

One day Annie was cleaning her den with her mom a

Emerald Wishes

Her spectacle covered eyes watch out over the roaring crows, like

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top 3 songs of this year

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