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Life's Challenges

Life holds something different everyday, sometimes good and sometimes bad

This is for you.

Tink, I love you, you are amazing

Golden Galleons

Years before the Spanish arrived at the Philippine Islands

my imagined story of freak

one day,on a quite silent night,a girl all alone was walking

The Plant That Loves Trees

Maybe somewhere in your home or the home

The Tragedy

A girl so fat and sad and desperate for a guy,

the little fairy c:

Once upond a time there was a little fairy that had

One of my book ideas.

3 friends were going camping on an island but they figu

the sorta smart kid

There was once a smart dude or whatever

Addicted Love

Once upon a time there was a girl name Sarah

liveing dead

hi my name is Taylor an this is the living dead

my love

i just want say i love my boyfriend he is on

The Girl in the Green Hood

Walking down the hot, sticky, mossy path to her father's house,

Worst Day In Many Ways

I always have bad days

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Should we bring back the death penalty?

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Should we bring back the death penalty?