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Teen Titans TV Show Facts

The Teen Titans battle evil each week in their animated TV show. FInd out more about Raven, Starfire, Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy right here!... read more

Nancy Cartwright Biography

You might not recognize her name, but you're guaranteed to recognize Nancy Cartwright's voice. We've got the 411 on this amazing voice a... read more

The Replacements TV Show Facts

The Replacements is the hot new cartoon coming at you this fall. Get the goods on Tod and Riley's crazy new family!... read more

The Simpsons TV Show Facts

They've been making us laugh for almost two decades, but how much do you really know about The Simpsons? Get all the facts... read more

The Ultimate Avengers DVD Reviews

The Avengers are back with the animated Ultimate Avengers movie on DVD! We review the cartoon superheroes here.... read more

The Abominable Snowman DVD Review

Winter has come early this year with the release of an ice-cold Choose Your Own Adventure DVD. We've got the scoop.... read more

Bratz TV Show Facts

The exciting and glamorous lives of the Bratz now come to you on TV. Get the inside scoop on these girls with a passion for fashionread more

Kim Possible TV Show Facts

She's your just your average, cheerleading, crime-fighting teenager. We've got the goods on Kim Possible right here!... read more

Spider Riders TV Show Facts

Spider-riding warriors at the center of the Earth? Get the facts on 11 year-old Hunter Steele's cartoon adventures here!... read more

Justice League Fun Facts

Sometimes one superhero just isn't enough. That's why there's the Justice League. Get the goods on this crime-fighting posse!... read more

The Emperor's New School TV Show Facts

Emperor Kuzco's been booted off the throne until he passes high school! Catch the 411 on Disney's comedy, here.... read more

Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego Facts

Carmen Sandiego is back to teach us about world geography (and maybe steal some loot while she's at it!).... read more

Lilo & Stitch DVD Review

When a mysterious blue alien winds up in Hawaii, a lonely little girl quickly makes him her pet. Catch Lilo & Stitch on the Disney Channel on June... read more

American Dragon: Jake Long TV Show Fun Facts

Jake Long is a 13 year-old skateboarder, video game nut and... dragon? Get the 411 on this cool cartoon right here!... read more

Rugrats TV Show Facts

It's not easy being the world's coolest babies but Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil take it in their stride. Find out more about the Rugrats!... read more

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