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Jennette McCurdy QandA

Jennette McCurdy Q&A

Jennette McCurdy, who you may know as Sam from iCarly, is getting ready to star in a new iCarly/Victorious spinoff show and that’s not all – the 20-ye... read more
Frances Bean Cobain

Frances Bean Cobain Bio

Celebrity and creativity often go hand in hand for children in famous families, and Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter of Hole singer Courtney Love and... read more
Troian Bellisario

Troian Bellisario Bio

Troian Bellisario stars as the upper-class academic overachiever Spencer Hastings on the hit teen TV drama Pretty Little Liars, but she’s actually bee... read more
Jena Malone

Jena Malone Bio

Jena Malone was recently cast in the upcoming Hunger Games Sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as Johanna Mason, but the 27-year-old actress is no ... read more
Aug 09, 2012 | 11 comments
Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield Bio

English actor Andrew Garfield stars in the new comic book action movie The Amazing Spider-Man as Peter Parker, but even though the 28-year-old rising ... read more
Jul 31, 2012 | 254 comments
Rylie Behr

Rylie Behr Q&A

Actress Rylie Behr stars in the movie I Heart Shakey, all about a girl and her dad moving to the big city with their dog Shakey only to find that thei... read more
Jul 26, 2012 | 10 comments
The Brant Brothers

The Brant Brothers Bio

Emerging style stars Peter II and Harry Brant have quickly risen in popularity among New York’s elite, the teen socialite brothers have gained an haut... read more
Asher Monroe Q

Asher Monroe Q&A

With over a million views of his official video for "Hello Baby," 23-year-old Asher Monroe has become a YouTube sensation. This singer/songwriter has ... read more
Amanda Leighton

Amanda Leighton Q&A

Amanda Leighton stars on ABC’s teen drama Make It or Break It as the cheerful and chirpy Wendy Capshaw, a devious top gymnast plotting against other c... read more
Jul 12, 2012 | 12 comments
Keegan Allen

Keegan Allen Bio

Actor Keegan Allen is most recognizable as Toby Cavanagh, the boy next door neighbour with a few secrets of his own from ABC’s hit teen mystery show P... read more
Diego Boneta

Diego Boneta Bio

Diego Boneta has been a Mexican soap opera star for years, but recently the 21-year-old actor/singer caught the attention of North American audiences ... read more
Jun 02, 2012 | 3 comments
Tyler James Williams

Tyler James Williams Bio

Tyler James Williams made his name as the loveably hilarious Chris in the sitcom Everybody Hates Chris, based on comedian Chris Rock’s childhood. What... read more
Acuvue 1-Day Contest

Acuvue 1-Day Contest Winners

Acuvue 1-Day contest gave teens to chance to will $1,000 or a day with Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, or another celebrity mentor!... read more
Debby Ryan

‘Radio Rebel’ Debby Ryan Q&A

Debby Ryan, who you may know from the hit show Jessie, stars in the recently released on DVD original Disney movie Radio Rebel as Tara, a shy high sch... read more
Jun 24, 2012 | 19 comments
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Fun Facts!

Pop star Demi Lovato recently signed on as a judge on the X-Factor, but her journey to the top includes starring on a hit Disney sitcom, movies and re... read more
Jun 14, 2012 | 155 comments

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Heyyyyy_ posted in TV Shows:
so many tht i cant even think about all of them :p
reply about 4 hours
aaaaahhh posted in TV Shows:
cool 8)
reply about 4 hours
ur a American where u walk in the bathroom ur a American when u  walk out of the bathroom what a you when ur in the bathroom?   answer: European  , get it? pronounced ur a peeing
reply about 5 hours
brunostar posted in TV Shows:
NESTOR CARBONELL NOTICED ME!!!! (Also known as sheriff Romero or a dude from lost)  also so did you know Freddie Highmore also known as Norman is actually British? 
reply about 8 hours

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