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i hate girls that like my guy

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Miss soccer
Miss soccer
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October, 2012
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i hate hate hate girls that like my man/boy.he is mine all mine.these girls that i go to skool with have huge crushes on mine and my friend boyfriends we need help.if u can give me some advice please i am desperate.thanks  Love

I love angel I love angel I love angel I love angel I love angel

i hate girls that like my guy

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September, 2012
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Posts: 467 about this in the dear dish it section, plz. but  ill give u advice. dont act like u care. it hes ur boyfrined, give them a piece of ur mind. other wise act like u dont care

I'm Manjari825, and I'm a girl. My pet peeve is my friends being bugged or bothered. But I'm a book nerd. I read plenty if books- from Canterwood Crest to Hunger Games to Harry Potter, Percy Jackson-I've read A LOT. I love to talk and chat so message me anytime.
percy jackson, harry potter, and every book rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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