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One day in the arena,  4 guys from distrcts 1 2 3 and 4 were in a tree just eating thier beef away.

District 1: Why are we eating our beef?

District 2: Because beef is good...

DIstrict 3: We need to find somewhere good to stay. Im sleepy and this tree uncomfortable

District 4:Yeah I'm so sleepy that I can kill President Snow *everybody looks at him* Ok no? *eats more beef*

District two -  Hey, that gives me a plan to stay alive.

District 1: Oh boy. I'm gonna go kill somebody now. *grabs a knife and climbs down*

District 2: We'll kill him first but I really have a plan

4: I'll be rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

District 2: *kills dude from district 4 and cannon fires District 1 comes back*  We will kill people and be the lasts remaining. We'll be legendary...

District 3: Ok.

District 1: We will kill!!!!!

District 2: Yeah! *kills them both*


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