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Why are girls so hyper sensitive

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Posted over 1 year ago

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that is true, lots of girls act like that but apparently those type of girls are called 'girly girls' my gf isn't like that but yeah your right i think they are because they have more emotinal harmons or something idk 



She is a girl.

Posted 12 months ago

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you know i've always kind of stayed away from those 'girly girls' but i know what you mean. It is an ######## of large hrmns and when there are to much of them it can cause weird behavior and grumpyness. weird but true Wink

Posted 11 months ago

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they're not hypersensitive, they're just not void of emotions at all. us dudes are told to always supress our emotions & be strong or whatever. there's never anything wrong with being sensitive. there's no shame in being a person with real, genuine feelings. u__u everyone reacts to things differently. respect how other people feel, guys. kinda embarrassing when you say stuff like this....... " MY girlfriend is different but ALL THE OTHER GIRLS..." ugh.



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