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Alexandria shipp (Kara Tatiana/KT) Ana Mulvy Ten (Amber Millington) Alex Sawyer (Alfie Lewis) Brad Kavanagh (Fabian Rutter) Brigid Zengeni (Mrs. Mulligan) Burkeley Duffield (Eddie Miller/Edison Sweet) 
any more names? I know there's more just to tired to type them 

Sibuna 4 ever
Fabina 4 ever
U gotta love little mix
Watch your backs --A
My sock sings me songs when I'm lonely and need a friend
Bye haters kiss kiss ill see you later Bye haters it was very very very nice to meet you-Cher Lloyd swagger jagger
Gay marriage should be legal
and thats what you missed on Glee

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What are you doing currently?

Where is the best place you have ever trav...

Never hide.Never forget.Never ever.

Its a never ending game!

do u like to talk to an alien and why?

Words That Start With F.

The wrong anwsers game! :3

The wrong anwsers game! :3

What is your favorite season of the year? ...

Never hide.Never forget.Never ever.

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