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Help me!

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December, 2012
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How do I post a picture for my signature??

Help me!

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jasmine0310 Lock
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December, 2011
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You copy the embed code and paste it on you're siggy.Big Grin

Life is a lot of work.
What is it that gives us the strength to carry on when were burned out?
Sometimes an inspirational idea can help us renew ourselves.
People push us down,
We have a right to gain power,
Stand up to those who torture.
Stop bullying.

Help me!

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May, 2008
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Go to the picture you want in your signature.  It has to be uploaded and approved.
Then in the bottom right corner it will say get embed code.
Copy that code and paste it in your signature.

I'm Jordan, the Manager at KW! Please let me know if you ever need help or have any questions.

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