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Which is better in a girl brains or looks?

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Posted almost 5 years ago

"jordand08" wrote:

"RawrSkittles=)" wrote:

"Rhema J" wrote:

Chew on this: Would you rather want a girl friend who looks like a Victoria Secret Model and can't spell French Fries or a Girl who is smart but looks less gorgeous. Beauty isn't on the outside.


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Posted almost 5 years ago

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It's funny when they're stupid xD

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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"dreamer001" wrote:

"skinnyjeans12" wrote:

I think looks or better if you want kids that are gona look awesome or you dont want to be seen with someone totally ugly and ruin your popularity

That's not nice everyone is beautiful in there own way and who cares about popularity 

I agree with dreamer001. If you care more about popularity than love, no honest girl is gonna like you. (Yes, im talking to you, skinnyjeans12.)

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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brains ... i don't see why some guys think a girl has to be a plastic barbie to make a perfect girlfriend...
it doesn't matter what you look like...
its better to have a smart girl with flaws than to have a model who is a complete idiot

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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Default girl
It's sad but easy 2 believe all these people r choosing "good looks" over itelligence . looks wither and die but itelligence is a gem you  find . That you shine and shine but it always sparkles more. Looks are facades and masks insepected and cut  by knowledge and only fool the foolish into beliveing that a pretty empty head is worth more then a quick relationship, a hashtag, a tag , a ####### scandle or a repituation boost to them. If your hearts made of pretty plastic and your minds a bedazzled bubble it shouldn't be attractive. Just cause a girls smart does not mean she is ugly and a downer. maybe you could date some one for i don't know there minds ? Girls are judged on way harsher standers then guys, Do you see magazines? It's impossible 2 look like that. i started dieting when i was ######## seven. it hurt so much. But then i just focused in school it was so fun and i met my real friends and have felt good ever sense. dear, superficial guys have you just looked into a girls pretty eyes and seen her soul , remembered all the inside  jokes you had the laughs the home work you worked through. Her kicking your butt in debate and video games  and her victory dance. Thought not. You just see the colors and the lashes and are blinded.
i feel sorry really. Annoyed

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