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~Eurovision Song Contest 2013~

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Posted over 5 years ago

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Most of you probably won't know what Eurovision is, since you are in different parts of the world. Well, it's a contest where European, Caucasian, (partly) Middle Eastern countries and Russia send a song to compete against the other countries in Europe. Starting in 1956 in Switzerland, Eurovision has gained it's fame. However, nowadays it is less popular due to politics interfering with the Voting System and the fact that there are very little actual songs on it, just acts. Well, this year, on the 18th May, this Eurovision is expected to be much better. Hopefully, the UK wins. WE HAVE BONNIE TYLER!!!! (Listen to Holding Out For A Hero and Total Eclipse Of The Heart) Bonnie is singing "Believe In Me."  Well, if you have any thoughts on Eurovision, or you know about it, please post here smile


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Posted over 5 years ago

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;D Here in Ireland We have Ryan Dolan... not as good as Jedward were though....

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