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ok, so today my friend kayla had a song stuck in her head and she doesn''t know what song it is or who sings it, but since she doesn''t have a username on here, we are using mine to type up the part she knows.  let us know if you know what song it is or if you think you know the artist.  don''t rely on the lyrics 100% ''cause kay mixes up things alot................she says it''s really here it is


There''s a place on Ocean Avenue where i used to sit and talk with you

we were both 16 and it felt so right sleeping all day, staying up all night

there''s a place on the corner of Cherry Street where i used to sit and talk with you

we were both 18 and it felt so right sleeping all day staying up all night


Chorus: If i could find you now things would be better

we could leave this town and run forever

let the wave crash down

let you take me away



thanx  let us know if you know what or who it is

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