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Is religion the main reason of discrimination to gays??

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Posted about 2 years ago

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Religion, or peoples interpreting of religion, is definitely a big reason why people discriminate gays. But it's not religion that is the main reason, it's society. People are afraid of those who are different, and fear leads to discrimination and prejudice.

I don't think "fear" is the right word because I doubt that people "fear" those who are different. People (as in society) are just not open to the thought of having people different than themselves. 
Why aren't they open?

I see where you're going. Well, they aren't open because they haven't seen something like that happen before and they are "uncomfortable" with that idea.
And why aren't they comfortable? 

I already said that - because they haven't seen something like that happening before. 

Btw, Do NOT ask me (cuz I have a feeling you might and are about to) why they haven't seen such a thing before because for crying out loud I am not their spokesperson and if you are that curious then I am sure you can ask them yourself.  Tongue Out

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Posted almost 2 years ago

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No Westboro Baptist Church is. But by extension you can say yes it's the fault of religion.

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