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Dear Dish-it,
I can't seem to get along with my older sister at all. My school starts tomorrow September 3rd and i don't know if she's going to make fun of me and tell all her friends my baby stories. I'm scared she's is going to tell her friend's my baby storie's and then i will be made fun of at school by her friend's and my own friend's. I need your help. Do you have any advice for me cuz i'm to afraid to talk to her about it.



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June, 2013
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Some schools have really mean girl bullies and boy bullies. My school seems to not have those big kind of bullies so I'm not going to worry about that. There are two things you can do. One is to build a good relationship with your sister. Two is to have some kind of story to add to the baby stories you might be faced with like a back up plan!



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things will work out fine if u follow this advice. if she tells ppl baby stories, say yep, wasnt i funny little baby? or if someone teases u say well everyone has embarrassing baby stories, whats yours?  if u see ur sis in the halls say hi and give her a hug. she will think u care about her and her friends will think ur a sweet lil sis.  i have a younger brother and whenever i saw him at school i wud hug him and say to his little friends and i wud play with them and now his friends like me. if this advice doesnt work i dont know what else u shud too. but if u act like u dont care and stand tall things will be fine

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