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My Dad

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I don't live with my dad. He's thousands of miles away. My parents are divorced, and I see my dad for one month in the summer, and I live with my mom for the rest of it. I don't really mind being without my dad, but that's because he doesn't care about me, he doesn't call, doesn't text, doesn't even pay freaking child support. I mean, I'm his daughter, shouldn't he talk to me more? The only time we talk is on holidays. But am I actually that worthless to him that he only talks on a holiday? Does he need a reason to talk to his own daughter, the girl he brought into this world? His flesh and blood is only worth a mere hour and a half? A free phone call? The summer I have to go see him isn't that far away, and I don't know how I will have the courage to face him, the-did I mention man of God and preacher-man who broke my heart and doesn't care about me? And hear his lies all over again, how he's "missed me SO MUCH" and "hates that you have to go"? I don't know how! He doesn't care, he never talks or calls me, and yet he says he misses me so much when I'm gone. He's apparently had a busy day, but when I asked what he did that day he said just sat on the couch and watched TV. I don't know how I'm going to face him again. What do I do?

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My Dad

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Tell him how you feel. This may be the cliche answer to a lot of family and friend problems, but it can help. Telling the truth and getting it out can you emotionally and possibly for the situation.

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