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I joined a website, and I wasn't under the age restriction, but I felt guilty so I deleted my account. But even now I've deleted it, if I accidently click 'sign in', it still comes up with my username and some dots underneath (to signify a password). I don't want to tell my mum cause we used to have huge family rows and we would both cry and that's all stopped now so I don't want it to start again. But if she finds out I'm going to be in trouble, I think. And we live in the country so I can't just tell her then scoot off to town with my mates.
Oh, but when I joined another website where you share pics and talk and stuff and she found out, she wasn't TOO cross.
HELP! Dazed

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It's not a big deal. You deleted your account, so just clear the browser history and saved logins. 

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