Dear Dish-It

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January, 2007
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My family is running low on money right now and idk how to help! I am not old enough for a job. I have no clue what to do!!!HELP!

time is ticking and
before you know it
she''ll be gone like the WIND
so just hurry up and KISS HER~

if love ain''t a game...
why are they so many
that cheat?

I built a wall...
not to block everybody out..
but to see who LOVES ME
enough to climb over it

Lets flip a coin..heads your mine..tails..we flip again (L)

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paris111-l Lock
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January, 2007
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then dont do a thing first of all you said it there is nothing you can do what are you going to do stress over nothing.

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Grumpybear =p-l Lock
Grumpybear =p-l
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January, 2007
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Maybe a yard sale would help to get some money.

I wish I was the verb ''to trust'' and never let you down-PJ

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