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Family Drama

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January, 2011
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My dad's daughter is pregnant and wants me to be apart of her and her baby's life. The problem is my mom hates her and wont let me talk to her. I really want to see her and be there for the baby but I don't want to hide it from my mom. What should I do?  Frown

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Family Drama

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February, 2012
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I think you should tell your mum that you want to meet the baby and be a part of her family. If your mum doesn't want to be a part of it, then fine. That's her choice. But if you want to see the baby then, dispite the fact that she's your mum, she shouldn't stop you. If your dad also wants you to be a part of it, then, since he's your dad, that should happen, due to the fact that you should spend time with your mum and your dads family. (If I understand this right..)

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