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I feel like I'm falling into a depressing and terrifing vortex of absolute horror and disturbing posts on kid's cat just died...It turned out for the last month he's had a kidney infection...They had to put him down...what should I do...?If you suggest anything stupid,I will personally come to your house and burn it down.All of it.Every last bit.You have no idea how seriously depressed I am.I could go psychopathic and go on a destruction spree any moment.Please post it on my page as a comment. -The Very Seriously Depressed Binary Freak

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I'm sorry to hear you feel like this, and I'm so sorry to hear about your cat! Frown Is there anyone you could talk to? Usually keeping it to yourself can make it worse, so I think you should speak to someone you trust.

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Try Writing You Feelings On A Piece Of Paper Then burn It

Life Won't Always Be Great So All You Have To Do Is Live, Laugh, Love

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