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Dear Dish it,    My lil sister is always bugging me and i cant get away from it.She follows me everywhere and whatever i say its like comes in goes out . Tongue Out so i started hangin out with some friends and making plans .One day my mom and her came to pick me from my friends house.She litterely got out the car and ran to hug me.i know its sweet and all but then she hugged my friend embsrrasing!What should i do keep ignoring her or talk with her????


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Spend more time with her Grin She may just be looking for attention and/or wanting to spend more time with you. When you need your space just let her know.. a lot of little kids actually listen Grin

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I share the same feeling. I have an annoying little sis and she keeps knocking on my door just to tell me some little unimportant thing 10 times a day!


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