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may i join this looks wicked and may i take metal and steel? (and wat does metal and steel do?)

Name: Luna Scyte
Age: 14
Species: Elemental
Perso: Fun, outgoing, stuborn, scared to show how evil she can be. her "dark side" is that she is cold hearted and cruel
Appearance: Dyed Blue hair that is ear length, red eyes, about 5'4 weighs 104 pounds. Has a moon on her neck that is a cresent.
Element: metal and steel
Other: she loves to fight

For those who beleive their ugly u r beautiful
For those who say they have no meaning u do.
For those who hate me for saying this i love you
And for those who wonder why i'm like this it's because i CARE

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(May I join?)

Killjoys, make some noise. ❤

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(May I join? Too bad, Ice and Fire was taken. Frown I'm going to create another character later)


Name: Kyra Senson 
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: (human or elemental) Elemental 
Perso: Determined, hostile, polite, only trusts certain people, serious sometimes funny or relaxed, careful almost never reckless, sometimes when she's really stressed and runs away, doesn't like people irritating her and she has a short temper 
Appearance:  Kyra Senson
(likes wearing black clothing) 
Element: (only if you're an elemental; you can only have one element) Weapons (she creates custom weapons and designs her own)
Other: She is very fond of weapons and armour and she LOVES the colour 'black'. 


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