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Highschool of the DEAD (RP- Open)

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August, 2012
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and trinity, yes you should.

I like PewdiePie

Hes hawt

see whatta mean?

Marzia is hawt too

perfect couple :P

Highschool of the DEAD (RP- Open)

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April, 2012
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"trinityac" wrote:

Uh can I make my own name instead? if so:


Name: Trina Campbell
Age: 15
Gender: Girl
Looks: Black hair with red pink streaks,Dark grey eyes,tall & pale,loves to wear pink & black
Bio:  Is just a simple goth girl who has so many goth friends but holds a secret she can't say or will be breaking the first law of the goth code!
Weapon: Rifle,Handgun,or TMP
Best Class: (Uh if class as in school and as in her fave) Lit. and Sci.
Personality: Loves to help others but can be really emotional some times
Other: Even though she is a goth she loves! to where pink with black

I love to role play I've been on here for 2 years so I'm very experienced/advanced role player,and plz join some of mine smile

Highschool of the DEAD (RP- Open)

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December, 2012
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can i join?, if so ill have my own name pwease :3, heres the form:

name:Tsukera Ichimonji
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Looks: brown eyes, red hair that is messy but not too messy and has bits of darker red.
bio: none
weapon: baseball-bat
best class: Literacy
personality: trouble-maker, childish, hot-headed, person you see in detention all the time, and quiet
other: none

AAAAMAAAZOON!!! GI GI GII!!! *gets a peice of cake and turns into a kitty* meow :3

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