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"hollybl2468" wrote:

True, you can close it if you want. But you'll find people don't post on a lot of things since it's Christmas and they're all busy with presents and holidays and stuff. I think you might find after a few interesting fantasy posts people might want to join it's probably just because nobody's posted yet, and yeah, the fact it's Christmas. But I guess it's up to you, lol smile

Yeah I agree, people could be buying gifts. Mabey some people don't celebrate (not me though!) Christmas and you know they have hunakah. 8 days. Anyways. If you want I copy this on to another role play, with your persimmon and credit to you, so people won't be disappointed?

We. We together. One being.
Flow together like water.
Till I can't tell you from me. I drink you. Now. Now”

- The Thin Red Line

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drat this is closing i wanted to join it looks soooo wicked XD

For those who beleive their ugly u r beautiful
For those who say they have no meaning u do.
For those who hate me for saying this i love you
And for those who wonder why i'm like this it's because i CARE

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