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Zombie desu!- (Open, zombie roleplay.)

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In the modern lands of the Rising Sun, a modern monks son discovers an unhealthy obsession with the undead when five years old.
Eleven years later his obsession grows larger, he collects all the latest movies, and all the figure ens, plushies and merch.
Then, his world is turned upside down as his closest companion, friend, family, and pet, gets killed.
He then scrapes the bottom of his zombie-knowledge barrel, discovers an old book belonging to his grandfather. About the art of reviving the dead.
He then does everything the book does, but accidentally loses one of the pages, and tries to figure out the last ingredient, which he gets the hint that it is a flower.
He experiments on his cat's dead corpse with the help of his three new friends.
The three have rather bad pasts and wish to be reborn as other people, with a new past and a new future. They agree to take the potion, which they call 'zombie poison'

After some failed experiments, they part ways. The experimental boy finds his cat, roaming the temple-home of theirs.

He then quickly goes to find the other three 'guinea-pigs', to find out if they had the same results.
He finds that the three of them have died, each in their own way, and have been reborn as zombies, their wish come true.

Now the boy, Chihiro, has to look after three 'vegetarian' zombies, who stop craving flesh if they eat the leaves of the flower that perfected them, Hydrangea, which coincidentally, is poisonous. 

Now Chihiro has to make sure that they don't escape into civilization, facing danger, like other zombie-fanatics, zombie research institutes, others injuries, and even though he doesn't realize it, romance.


So basically, there are three slots for the main zombies, though there are other four, from the research institute. The institute is called ZOMA, their zombies don't behave humanly, like Furuya's, but like normal zombies.


Main characters, NPC'S

-Furuya Chihiro: The zombie obsessed boy, he is always being very immature, for a 16 year old. 
-Furuya Mero: Chihiro's younger, 12-year-old sister, who is obsessed with ghosts.
-Furuya Doon: Chihiro's Dad, the monk at a Budist temple, where they live.
-Baabu:  Chihiro's cat, who started the whole revolution.
-Wanko Souji: Chihiro's "cousin", actually known him since they were five, and has a large crush on him.

The Zombies:
1-##### Rea: Chihiro's new friend, she is from a very rich family, and never had interactions with other people apart from her family.


LooksFrownDescription or pic, anime please)
Cause of Death:

( *= Must put, not "will see" or "Nobody knows.")

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