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Name: Kivo Laerend

Age: ...4? well...In relative to human maturity and bodily  growth, along with time relativeness 15.
Looks: Hideyoshi 4
(Because Bishonen)
What creature are you?: Neko
Bio: He was born  as a small kitten 15 human years ago, not rare in the neko race, but still strange.
over the course of growing, he had two brothers, Samwey and Surhoun, ages 20 and 18 in human years respectfully, who foten joked about his Female like appearance often calling him their sister, and replacing his clothes with his mothers.

His mothers name was Kenye, and his father Flihiur. both were slaughtered at the start of the war, but his brothers and him escaped.  his older brother Samwey was kileld in action, or atleast missing.

but Surhoun and Kivo were still alive, and living at the T o k camp, happily.

Team: T O K?

Personality: supporting, and generally happy, still sad about his parents but still happy.
Annoyed when people make jokes about his gender, but still, plays with the thoughts of them a tad.

Oufit: normally wears an old japanese shcool uniform, like the one in the first photo, but sometimes will wear female clothing to make people confused.

Fur color: brown.

(ITs not as good as the first one...but... its something?)

How can I make you happy?

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We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing in them becomes too high.

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