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ZiahTheCupcakeNinja_2515282 Lock
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July 2013

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Posted almost 3 years ago
Name: Dawn Crowe
Age: 18
Gender: F
Vampire, Human, or Angel: Angel
Skills: Immune to mental manipulation, Controls all the elements but her strongest ones are Fire and Wind, has enhanced hearing.
Looks: Tall for a girl and has slender muscles and a graceful hourglass figure. She has a caramel skin tone and fierce golden colored eyes with long lashes. She has long black naturally wavey hair that she usually wears with a part down the middle and a gold metal head band (Like the ones hippies used to wear.) She normally doesn't wear makeup but for special occasions she applies gold and black eyeliner. The black on the bottom and winged out and the gold on top, making her lok more exotic than she already does. Dawn also has a series of odd and strangely bbeautiful tattoos on her wrists, ankles and waist.

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