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BladeStones (ATJ) (Need 5 People) (Under construct)

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The Stones of power. Ancient Artifacts lost to time, created by Highly intelligent beings of myth.
They were storys to you.
And then destiny found you.

You Didn't have much of a destiny before, picked randomly, most likely not a Great swordsman, or even a noble.

You know, I guess I should fill you in on the setting before I go too far in this.
Its the year of Quas91 in the land of Alternia. An island continent Inhabitant by monsters and Humans alike
Your all people with normal pasts, perhaps rouges? Or maybe Gladiators? Or even just childhood friends.
Somehow you've all been brought to the long lost buried Temple of A crystal/
These Temples have been lost for centuries , and in each, Resides a powerful Stone Of power.
These stones over the years have granted Powers beyond the human mind to many a hero. Some dieting, some fading to myths.

Some even becoming kings, and some evil villains, who attempted to Rule the land.
And now destiny has found you, The Crystal have bestowed upon you a power beyond imagination for you to do what you wish with it.
I just hope you decide to use it for good.

A basic case of 6 people getting granted powers to save the world from evil.
It starts out with them finding there way into the temple (Raiding it? Rinning away from something and Falling in a hole? Exploring?) And the crystal granting them power, I'l lexplain more later.

Post a form and I'll approve or disapprove you.
The form doesn't include any powers because Later is when they get there powers and you can describe them then.

Backstory (Who are they? How did they come to finding the temple? How was there life before This?):

Thats' all. Join if you will.
More info:
Characters and who there played by and the power bestowed upon them (Will fill this in later)
(WIll list when people join)
- Leer - Vahid43

How can I make you happy?

Posted over 4 years ago

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How can I make you happy?

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