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Rise of the Guardians RP (anyone can join)

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((can i join... if so ima be the awesome easter bunny...))

The epic finale between cat and duck. WHO. WILL. WIN.!?!?

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Hiya! Okie , so when I first saw the commercial for Rise if the Guardians , I was instantly obsessed and intersected. Being me, I began to write stories about it (me being one of the characters.), but instead of role playing as one of the original characters, I made one of my own. I've done a lot of research about the movie, downloaded the apps on my iPad, and have done some mad brainstorming about it. My friend told me how she would role play with other people online before, and I figured I'd give it a try. So, here I am. I guess now ill tell you about my character, and if you're still willing, maybe I can join? So here she is: Name: Scarlette Flame Gender: Female Story: Scarlette is unique. She has the power to control fire, warm weather, and the sun (considering its where she lives) With her staff (which is exactly like Jacks, and if you put them together, the ends make a heart.) She once was just a simple little girl, an only child. Her parents were very creative people. They traveled the world, discovering ancient artifacts, until their baby girl was born, and they retired to a normal life. Her father had a brother, who was extremely jealous of him. Scarlette's uncle Peter and her father James were very close until their teen ages, when the love of both of their lives came in, Scarlette's mom. Her name was Alice. She had bleach blonde hair, green eyes. She was beautiful. The brothers fought over her. She ended their relationship, causing them to become arch rivals. Alice ended up falling head over heals for James, and they got married. Peter hated the fact that he didn't get the girl of his dreams, and his brother did. He eventually grew evil, spending his days building an underground lair, where he would eventually discover the most devastating thing to all man kind. James and Alice were wandering around an un-active volcano after a meteor shower had occurred the night before on their honey moon in Hawaii. James found and small stone, that glew a bright scarlett red. It sparkled and shone, just like the sun. It as warm, too. He showed it to his wife, and they promised each other to never show or tell it to anyone else in the world. They swore it was a piece of the sun. After Scarlette was born, they settled into a small home in a town known as Burgess. Meanwhile, Peter had found the secret to destroying his brothers happiness, darkness and nightmares. He went to Burgess to finally get revenge on his brother, when he saw the one thing that changed his plan; Scarlette. The two year old girl who looked exactly like her mother ran around on the green grass of their front yard, her silky blonde hair waving behind her. She giggled historically as she chased the white butterfly around the rose bush.  Peter stood amazed. He couldn't believe his eyes. He knew that it would devastate his brother and Alice even more if their little baby girl was the one suffering with night terrors every night, screaming and crying for help, so that's exactly what he did.  "Pst, little girl." Scarlette stopped chasing the butterfly. She peeked over her right shoulder, trying to find who called her. She saw a man dressed in all black, he had red eyes. He looked very suspicious and terrifying. Being only two, she toddled over to him, not knowing how dangerous he could be.  "And who might you be, darling?" "Scarlette. I'm dis' many-" She held up two fingers. He laughed, evily. "We'll, isn't that just adorable." She giggled, thinking he was harmless. "We'll now Scarlette, how about you do me a favor?" She nodded. "Otay!" "Take this-" He took her hand and placed a tiny, black pebble in her palm. Then closed her fingers overtop of it, hiding it in the middle of her fist. "Now, I want you to count to three, can you do that?" She nodded. "One, two, free!" he laughed, evily, again. "Now, open your hand." She did as she was told, only when she opened it, the stone was no longer solid, it had turned to black, sparkling dust. The powder dissolved into Scarlette's palm, making her tan hand turn grey. Her eyes widened. Her skin color began to fade up her arm, into her neck, chest, face, legs, and whole body. She screamed at the top of he lungs. "Shh! Shh, shh shh shh shh!"  She stopped screaming. She breathed heavily, trying to catch her breath.  "It's okay. Only a magic trick, I'm a magician." "Wass' your name?"  He couldn't say Peter, no it was too simple, too safe. Pitch... Yes, Pitch. "Pitch." He laughed evily, eyes narrowing, his sharp teeth glaring. Scarlette was terrified. She ran back to the safety of her home, never wanting to see him again.  "Mommy! Daddy!"  She cried for her parents.  "What is it sweetie?" Her mother embraced her with a hug. "Pitch! Pitch!" "Scarlette, what is wrong, are you feeling alright?" Her mother felt her forehead. She noticed her suddenly pale skin as she wiped away her daughters tears. Her father walked in. "What's wrong dear?" "She's turned an awful color... I think she's come down with a sickness of some sort." "I'll call the doctor." "Don't let him get me mommy. Don't let him get me." Scarlette kept mumbling into her mothers chest. Her mother stroked her hair and hugged her. "It's okay darling. Everything fine." She sniffled. Her mother carried her to her bedroom, and layed her down in her bed.  "I called the doctor. He's on his way now." Scarlette's father walked into the room.  "She's very cold. I'm concerned, James." Her father felt her forehead.  "The doctor will find out if something wrong. He should be here shortly." the docters visit didn't go as expected. He couldn't think of any illness that matched Scarlette's symptoms. The night continued, and finally they decided all they could do was let her rest.  "Good night dear, we love to you." Her parent kissed her cheek, shut off the lights, and closed the door, leaving it slightly open. Scarlete's eyes began to grow heavy. She drifted of into a deep, peaceful sleep. At first. Her dream of butterflies and ponies turned into bats and the boogeyman. She was being chased by scary things I the dark. She began to scream and cry. She looked over her shoulder and noticed something. The boogeyman had the face of the man she met earlier that day. Pitch. He eyes shot open. She was screaming and crying. Her parents ran in.
"What's wrong dear?!"
They cradled her in their arms. 
"Pitch! Pitch!"
"What's Pitch?"
"The man! Pitch!"
"Who's Pitch?"
Scarlette couldn't say anymore. She was in histarics. 
"Darling, he's not real, it was only a nightmare."
She calmed down, catching her breath. Scarlette had the same nightmare every night, several times a night. Eventually her parents stopped coming in to check on her. She would eventually snap back into reality and fall back asleep to the same night terror, and same outcome. On her third birthday, her father had given her a gift, the scarlett red stone he had found in Hawaii. She was named after it, and he believed it could help with her nightmares. Unfortunately, it didn't but, she always were the stone around her neck on the necklace it's attached to. When her father placed the silver chain around her neck, her appearance changed. Her skin went back to a normal tan color, and she was no longer cold, but warm. She was now three, more mature for her age too. She had fallen asleep, only before the terrors could occur, she awoke. It was very warm in her room, too warm. Dark, as usual. Underneath her door, she saw a bright light. She smelt smoke. Something was burning. She glanced around the room, trying to regain her seances. A pair or red eyes peered at her. She gasped. The same red eyes that she had trusted a year ago. 
"Why are you here?"
He chuckled. His eyes disappeared. Smoke filled the room. Her room began to go up in flames. She was being surrounded by fire. The flames nipped at her toes, backing her up into a corner. She was beginning to grow really hot. She could here screams from her parents from somewhere in her home that was now ablaze. Scarlette squeezed the stone her father had given her as the tears streamed down her cheeks. She cried as the flames engulfed her. She opened her eyes. For some reason, she wasn't burning to death. It was the stone. The stone had actually been for the sun, and with it, no heat could ever destroy her. It had given her the power to control all heat. She flew down the burning staircase and out the door. She stood next to the rose bush her mother had grown when they first moved in. She watched her little home burn down. She could no longer hear the screams of her beloved parents, only the sound of sirens. She ran. Ran as far as her legs could take her. She stayed hidden from the world, staying awake as much as possible. When she was eight, she met a man. He was made of sand, and spread peaceful dreams around the world to all of the children. His name was Sandman. He tried helping her.chis dream sand never worked on her, for Pitch's nightmares were to powerful. She eventually made an agreement with The Man On The Moon when she was fourteen, He allowed her to live on the sun if she would control the season known as Summer. She agreed, and that is where she has been for the past 300 years, immortal and eternally fourteen. She recently heard from the Man On The Moon that Pitch had been working on destroying all of the sweet dreams, and taking over with his nightmares. Scarlette didn't want anyone else to suffer the way she had, so she decided to try and defeat Pitch with her power, so the world can live in peace.
And that's my story. If I'm allowed I'd love to join, as you can see I've thought about this a lot. Thanks for considering!   

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((may I join too?))

"The boundary between the real world and the dream world, I am the gatekeeper to the door that connects the two worlds. Carrying the duty of returning those to where they belong...a special kind of nightmare. The sheep, Merry Nightmare."

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