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iFood ❤
iFood ❤
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December, 2012
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Myyy Placeeeeeee ! Imm Thaa Foodd Girl Folkssss- I Made A Page Dedicateed To The Lovee Of Food , Like Whoo Doesn't Love Food , Itss Awesome Right ! ?
But Anywaysssss : Which Would You Prefer ?

Burger & Fries or Steak & Fries ? !

My Lifeeeee, My Souuuul, Wheeen I'm Boreeed & Collddddd , Food U Aree Already Heree To Cover It All !

iFood ❤ OTP

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Burger and fries. Big Grin

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year banner made by Gracie.

The Rainbow Cake Club Big Grin

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