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Do u ever feel u have plenty bad friends?

      I deal with friends of all types. Some friends think they  so tuff,big, and bad but then at the same time they crouch in a corner when they about to get beat up. Then the perky ones are sometimes they most sneaky. The perky ones live they life pretending they all nice and quiet but then get away with doing things bad because no one will ever expect them to start the chaos. Then their are some friends u just can stand at all. SOOO ANNNOYINNNG! But then since their nice but annoying u just don"t got the guts to say OMG shut the hell up! Or i think it be best if u stop squishing in my space bubble. Yea i've got those friends. Here's the last type of friend 'im gonna state. The big mouth ones. Always stuck in the middle of the problem. They might tell u what some one said about u . For example: Bad friend: "I heard that girl say that u are fat. You: Ok  i don't care(Even though some times you really do)...Really!.....Ect  That bad friend need to MIND THEY DAG ON

"Be who u are and say what u mean because those who mind matter and those who dont mind do matter." Dr.Suess 

Well i hope readers get my point. To those friends speak up and tell them what you feel about there attitude today i did and booooooyyyyyy it felt good! 


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I totally get you. My friend even knows she's man and is proud of it

Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.

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i do not have a bff cause that
they talk your name

i like to eat

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