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My 'Friend'

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February, 2013
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It might be long but idk. My best friend Jayda who I have been friends with for like 3 years is getting on my nerves! She is always getting in bad moods, punching other people, being mean to other people, is always jealous of me because of my grades and other things, and stealing my things. Right now we're in 6th grade and this morning, our teacher has this blog and my class have our own accounts to do assignments with. Our assignment this week was to write about Presidents. We were assigned a group and a president. I was assigned with Jayda and Nadia, my other friend. My teacher said WE choose who's account we post on and I'm like " Hey you wanna do it on my account? " Jayda said " NO WE ARE DOING IT ON MINE!!" Geez she is freaking annoying! Jayda told me I was gonna type it, she was the researcher, and Nadia would edit. When I started typing she is like " No that goes first. No we freaking put that at the end." If we try to argue she would say THIS IS MY FREAKING ACCOUNT I CAN DO WHAT I WANT.  I have glasses and so does she. Sometimes she switches our glasses when I'm not looking and make a fool of myself when I go crazy looking for them. I am practicially blind without them. I'm going to New York for one year for school and stuff and I'm glad to get away form her. The bad thing is I'm leaving my mom all alone. My mom thinks she wants me to come back, but doesn't want me to come back. She wants me to come back cause she misses me and she doesn't because of Jayda. HERE'S THE QUESTION. When I come back, should I still be friends with her? What should I do to make her stop acting this way or at least tone it down a bit? Frustrated


My 'Friend'

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July, 2011
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You know, there's no a perfect friend. Everyone has flaws, and you too. We have temptations and mistakes. The best solution for that is confront her. Say to her that her actions are too annoying, but say it in a nice way. Ask her if she has a problem. In that way, you'll understand why her attitude is not good. Advice her to change and say you'll never leave her in times of ups and downs.

Don't let that thing be a cause for your separation with your friend.

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