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Dear Dish-It

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Princess of Webkinz
Princess of Webkinz
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July 2012

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Posted about 3 years ago

"Tamia2013" wrote:

Dear Dish It I need help fast I am crushing on a boy so hrd at my after school program he is very...sweet,nice,hot,and has a very cute smile to me and his name is Bubu he really has a nice name and I am to scared to find out if he likes me or not so can you please HELP ME! please! Love

Okay well you know what worked for me? I was talking to my BFF about it and he was literally RIGHT THERE!!! A day later he said he overheard us and heard that I like him. I was sooo blushing. The next day, my BFF hit him at pe. At math (after she hit him) he ended up asking me out and u know what I said? Yes. That was last week. Two days ago, he forgot to turn in his homework and had to stay in, so I was talking with my BFF. And all of a sudden she started calling him names (ex: "he so dumb he doesn't know how to get a 'g' on his report card")  I got mad. I gave her a chance though. I told her (after 50 more insults) that if she said one more, I wouldn't be her friend ever. She said ten more. Approximately. I told her we aren't friends and that she had her chance and walked away. The next day, she told the class who I was going out with during lunch. Today, she was begging at my feet for forgiveness and to be friends again. And today I was happy after school because everything seemed to be going all right with me. 
How will this help you? Talk to him and without making it oubvious that you like him ask him who he likes. For example, suggest a game of would you rather. When it gets to your turn, choose him to make the decision and ask him if he'd rather go out with you or the girl most of the boys like. Choose other people to choose too, and have other would you rathers for him so that there's variety and he doesn't get suspicious. 

❤ Princess of Webkinz ❤

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