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Dear Dish-It

Real Friends.

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Posted over 3 years ago
Guys, there are loads of posts here about people being fake friends, who really made people feel horrible and just left them.
I want to make this post to let people know what a real friend does, and is. A real friend never forgets you even when they move or change school. A real friend will never make you feel sad, or worthless. If they do, then you need to talk to an adult. A real friend will not judge you for what you believe in, or what race you are. And a real friend will most certainly not tell your secrets.

If you feel a friend is upsetting you personally, or making you feel bad about yourself, don't stand for it.  Tell another person, tell a teacher, tell another friend. I've been through this sort of thing, and I know how it feels to be put down like that. But I told my sister; and I don't get bullied anymore, and I know my real friends from my fakes. Just, don't bottle it up.

If your friend is moving, they're not trying to 'get away from you'. A real friend will still be friends with you, and keep in contact. Not just leave you and forget. Call them, meet them, etc. 

And also, make sure that you're not the fake one. Don't abandon your friends, and appreciate them. And be open to making new ones, too. For a while, I was alone, and I started to go around with two girls. Two girls who are my best friends, and who I would now do anything for. If you don't have any actual friends, don't worry. There'll always be someone who will be there.

And one last thing. Don't let your friends push you into things you don't want to. Everyone gets peer pressure, and if your friends make you do something that makes you uncomfortable, just tell them. They should be able to understand.

I hope this helps some of you guys (:

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